Quasar coffee table by Maconi

As far as the materials are concerned, the modern Complements guarantee multiple aesthetic possibilities to decorate the rooms according to your needs.

Coffee table with double shelf in melamine coated wood

If you want an accessory of excellent quality to embellish your furnishings, visiting our shop will mean seeing the best proposals on the market live. In the selection of quality furniture and accessories for the home, it is essential to combine the qualities of aesthetic content and functionality in a perfect balance. As for the materials, the modern complements guarantee multiple possible realizations to decorate the rooms according to your needs. After choosing the furniture for your home, you will have to dress the indoor spaces with the multifunctional complements of great decorative impact that we offer. Quasar coffee table by Maconi in wood: it belongs to the rich collection of modern accessories of the well-known and renowned brand, always of great value.

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