Bonn chest of drawers in melamine by Cinquanta3

Click and find out more about the Comò Bonn bedside table: Cinquanta3 bedside tables and furniture with drawers are ideal for modern spaces.

A rich range of sleeping groups Modern bedside tables in melamine: choose the quality of thecinque3 proposals

Cinquanta3's melamine Bonn chest of drawers: it is a type of eclectic and practical storage element that guarantees excellent aesthetic results in modern spaces. The melamine proposals from the Cinquanta3 brand, a leader in the production of wardrobes and chests of drawers, allow for different taste combinations or deliberate contrasts with the remaining furniture and furnishings. Thanks to these furnishing accessories, we have the possibility to store everyday objects or display accessories. Chests of drawers are essential furniture and accessory elements in every sleeping area, as they allow for the optimal use of every corner. Discover more about our collection of night groups from the best brands to furnish your environment with a unique design.