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Dsquare Must

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Living Character in Matt Lacquered Light Gray

Living Character in matt Titanium Gray lacquer

Living Exclusiva in Mink lacquered

Living Exclusiva high in Mink matt lacquer

Living Exclusiva in Titanium Gray glossy lacquered

Living Exclusiva in matt black lacquer

Living Exclusiva in Tortora glossy lacquered

Living Exclusiva in Light Gray Glossy lacquer

Living Flux Slim in Titanium Gray Matt Lacquer

Living Formalia in Rust matt lacquer

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Sideboard shop

Over the years, the sideboard first became a kitchen container for storing assorted objects and, only later with the evolution of design, did it acquire the role of a real furnishing accessory. Since the living room is an environment dedicated to multiple activities, for example relaxation, socializing and even work, it must be of great aesthetic value, equipped with practicality and complete with everything you need. Today there is on the market a practically infinite choice of Sideboards of every shape, size, finish and color, designed by the best companies to complete the furniture by combining functional and style qualities. In the past, in the classic country farmhouses, the Madie were functional and robust rectangular wooden containers, used first of all in the kitchen to store bread, the different types of pasta and flour. Perfect to optimize the space of a living room or a dining area, the sideboard will emphasize the style of the room while helping you to maintain order in the home. This proposal with a tapered rectangular shape, will satisfy you with its intrinsic qualities of practicality and aesthetics: if you want to optimize spaces by embellishing them, then it's for you.