Living Tetrix Fluida

Living Exclusiva Bianco Prestige

Living Exclusiva Visone

Living Foodshelf Bianco

Living Liberamente sistema Metro Concrete Jersey

Living Libra Grigio Gabbiano e Cuvé

Living Motus sistema Fluida Grigio Ferro

Living Motus Grigio Vulcano

Living Carattere Grigio Gabbiano

Living Sax sistema Metro Concrete Jersey

Living Sax Rovere Land

Living Sax Grigio Gabbiano

Living Carattere Larice Nuance

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DL 300 CLARK with glossy lacquered wall units

K125 ICON suspended v1

K125 ICON suspended v2

K125 ICON suspended v3

K125 ICON suspended v4

K125 ICON suspended v5

K125 ICON suspended v6



Living Freely Metro system

Living Motus Fluida system

Living Mood Fluida system with Steady Walnut doors

A rich bookshop showroom

Give value to your spaces with an elegant and sophisticated model of bookcase, in the showroom you will find only the most beautiful compositions on the market, ideal for organizing the best environments and fully enhancing them. Bookcases are indispensable pieces of furniture in a house of all kinds, as they serve to optimize spaces by combining functionality and style, containing books, newspapers and assorted objects with order. Whether in traditional or modern style, as well as minimal chic, your living room needs a nice storage structure, always available to order books, everyday objects as well as typically decorative. The best brands in the furniture sector produce bookcases of great aesthetic value, with soft forms rather than simple forms, so that each one ensures the ideal choice for himself. Since you will often invite friends and relatives to your stay and spend pleasant relaxing evenings, remember that it is essential to create an atmosphere of welcome, comfort and charm. In the living room, the arrangement of the furniture, the color palette, the style of the furnishings and the materials will clarify the look of the room as a whole and will ensure you a serene everyday life at home.