Custom kitchens

Lumina Urban Steel e Oriental Light

Mira Home Matter e Gate Matter

Motus in laccato effetto metallo Acciaio Scuro

Motus in Rovere Gessato e Grigio Gabbiano

Musa Rovere Barry e Urban Gold

Musa Grigio Airone e Oriental Light

Sax Concrete Medium e Grafite

Sax Rovere Land e Nebbia

Sax Noce Neutral e Polvere

Urban & Urban Minimal Larice Pasha

Foodshelf Grigio Gabbiano e Grigio Terra

Liberamente Concrete Jersey e Rovere Voyage

Liberamente Verde Minerale e Noce Garden

Family decorativo Rovere Azteco

Favilla in Rovere Nodato

Madeleine in Castagno

Carattere in laccato Lucido Bianco

Carattere Frassino Chia

DeLinea in laccato opaco Grigio Ferro

Evolution in laccato Bianco opaco e Concrete Jersey

Snow Larch decorative family

Evolution in White matt lacquer and Anthracite aluminium

Diesel Social Kitchen in Ruxe Gray

Foodshelf Titanium Gray

Formalia in Light Gray and Garden Walnut

Mood in Gray Stone and Pure White

Custom kitchen shop

If you want a completely personalized and modular kitchen, our tailor-made Kitchens shop is the ideal place to discover high-value furnishing compositions. At our shop you will discover customized solutions to the millimeter, high performance appliances, original furniture and accessory objects that respect your needs and your personal taste. Here you can take advantage of qualified consultancy services and see first-hand artisan creations of great value, made according to the needs of each customer. The artisan kitchens are fully adaptable and made by carpenters capable of designing unique furniture and accessory items of their kind, of which you can choose: finishes, conformations, sizes and style. These solutions are made following your every need, however many times they present a price that is not exactly affordable, due to the high quality of the products and the work of interior designers and specialized consultants. Thanks to the detailed design, these solutions have three great advantages: they have the ability to get the best from the available space, they can be easily integrated and repaired even after years of purchase. The strong point of made-to-measure kitchens is craftsmanship, exclusivity and the value of the final result, which is the result of careful planning and made-to-measure realization.