Novel Walk-in Closet 01

Novel Walk-in Closet 02

Kabina Boxes walk-in closet


Smooth Sliding

Smooth Knocker


Sliding Throat

Swing Gorge




Cabinet 11B

Cabinet 10A

Wardrobe 05C

Cabinet under the stairs 02A

Wardrobe 05B

Cabinet 11A

Cabinet 12B

Cabinet 11C

Wardrobe 08E

08C cabinet

Wardrobe 09A

Bridge wardrobe 08D

Walk-in closet 09B

Cabinet B1

Knocker B2 Shaped Terminal

Door leaf B3 Trapezium terminal and changing room

Walk-in closet Rack B5

Ponte wardrobe with passage B6

Ponte B7 wardrobe

Ponte Desk B8 wardrobe

Kabina Boiserie


TV Out

Custom Cabinets, Corner and Cabins shop

Since the wardrobes decorate the spaces enriching them, they are often equipped with beautiful and functional interior accessories, for example furniture with drawers, shelves, mirrors and LED lights of great charm. The wardrobe can be with hinged or sliding doors or, again, with a walk-in closet: the choice follows only your style and space needs, according to the layout of the room. If you are looking for a self-respecting wardrobe to furnish or renovate your sleeping area, in the shop you will find only the most original furnishing solutions of the best known brands available on the market. The room, in addition to traditional furniture such as bed system, bedside tables and bedside tables, enriched with different accessories: among these, the presence of a large and beautiful wardrobe to be seen will prove essential. In a well-furnished room, after the bed itself, a wardrobe of great aesthetic value must be positioned first, which will be of multiple sizes and in multiple materials resistant over the years. The purchase of one of the models of functional wardrobes that we present will allow you to have a useful space in the room where you can protect sheets, duvets, clothing and various objects from dust.