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Living Character in Ivory Ash

Living Character in Prestige White matt lacquer

Living Gray Seagull Character

Living Dandy Plus in Mustard Yellow

Living Dandy Plus Velo Gray and Mustard Yellow

Living Easy in Aztec oak

Living Evolution in Tortora matt lacquer

Living Evolution in Concrete Medium decorative

Living Evolution in Iron Gray

Living Evolution in Concrete decorative

Living Evolution in Decorative Artic Oak

Living Evolution in Land Oak

Living Flux in decorative Larch Zolfino

Living Flux in Beige glossy lacquered

Living Flux in Prestige White glossy lacquered

Living Flux in Olmo Jaipur decorative

Living Flux in Iron Gray and Dove Gray glossy lacquered

Living Foodshelf in Nature Ash

Living Formalia in Green Ottanio opaque glass

Living Formalia in Airone Gray matt lacquered

Living Formalia in Iron Gray matt lacquered

Living Formalia with sliding door in Pet Pioggia

Living Liberamente in decorative Concrete Jersey

Living Liberamente in Jaipur Red laminate

Living Liberamente in decorative Rovere Lavagna

Living Freely in Biomalta Clay

Living Liberamente in Iron Gray matt lacquer

Living Freely in Moon Blue Lacquered

Living Liberamente in mustard yellow glossy lacquer

Living Madeleine in Butter White Ash

Living Madeleine in Butter White Ash v2

Living Madeleine in Antique Walnut

Living Mood in Nuance Larch decorative

Living Mood in matt lacquered Visone and Prestige White

Living Mood in Pietra Gray Laminate

Living Mood in Moon Blue Lacquered

Living Mood in Tortora matt lacquered

Living Mood in Biomalta Shanghai

Living Motus in Rust matt lacquer

Living Sax in Concrete Light decorative

Living Sax in Land Oak

Living Tetrix in glossy lacquer with glass doors

Living Tetrix with Glass Doors

Living Character Matt lacquered Tortora

Living Tetrix in Laguna Azzurro Lacquered

Our Equipped Walls showroom

When we choose the sizes, materials and colors for our Equipped Walls, it is always better to ascertain which stylistic line to refer to and take into account which functions the living area will perform. Decide with us how to organize the living room of your desires: with our Equipped Walls of high aesthetic value, on the ground or suspended if the space is not generous, you will optimize the available spaces by embellishing them. Since the living room, absolutely, the room dedicated to activities such as relaxation, conviviality and work, must be a beautiful space to look at, comfortable and equipped with practicality. Exhibiting or containing books and objects of all kinds is not the only task of the Equipped Walls, in fact they contribute to making the room beautiful by following a precise stylistic line, which solves your expectations. The living room at the heart of relationships, a space for conviviality and also for daily relaxation, where you will often invite family and friends for pleasant moments in company, for parties and lunches. The living rooms are the center of every home, therefore the choice of the furnishings to be placed inside them is important to ensure total livability, lots of comfort and great hospitality.