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The mosquito nets are made up of a dense wire mesh or plastic material, fixed to the shutters in order to create an effective barrier for various types of insect and prevent them from entering. The most effective way to keep mosquitoes and other annoying and dangerous insects away from home is to install innovative mosquito nets on windows, doors or French doors. The network of the most technological and exclusive models on the market almost invisible to the eye and therefore allows you to perfectly combine practical needs with a refined aesthetic, enhancing your home. In addition to guaranteeing the necessary protection from mosquitoes and other insects, they ensure an adequate passage of air when the window is open, proving to be extremely functional even during the summer. There are several high-quality solutions on the market, all designed to meet the specific needs of each customer: you will find tear-off mosquito nets, for roller shutters, fixed, roller shutters, sliding and much more. Some mosquito net models can be fixed directly to the fixtures, to create a unique effective solution to complete the openings of the house, ensuring the desired well-being inside.