Bed with Moonlight headboard by Felis.

Click and get information about upholstered beds: if you are looking for double bed design models, the Moonlight Felis model is right for you.

The Felis upholstered double beds await you together with the Moonlight model

If you want a fabric solution, the model shown in the photo is characterized by top-quality materials and sleek lines, which invite you to enjoy a peaceful and restorative rest. Choose colors and finishes and realize your furnishing project in the bedroom, designing it just as you have always dreamed. When purchasing a good bed model, carefully consider its dimensions, finishes, shape, and style compared to the other furniture pieces. The upholstered double beds by the brand, a leader in home furniture for the bedroom area, are designed to be matched with furniture and accessories of all kinds, such as wardrobes and dressers, lamps, and floor lamps. The Moonlight headboard bed by Felis creates a cozy and comfortable space in every bedroom, ensuring you the best rest and a unique style.