Next space 02 modular bedroom set by Nidi

Click and get information on the Next space 02 bedroom for boys! The modular Nidi bedrooms are waiting for you.

Trendy shades and excellent design solutions characterize the most beautiful proposals of the well-known and renowned brand that we offer in our showroom. With a Nidi furnishing composition, you will be able to complete the place where your children spend the fundamental years of their lives with practicality and design. The Next space 02 modular bedroom by Nidi in melamine is a complex world to be designed with care, combining various made-to-measure accessory elements. Come to our showroom and you will be able to see firsthand all the most beautiful modular design compositions by Nidi for the youngest. Nidi satisfies the tastes of children and the needs of parents with its modular design bedrooms, ideal for all kinds of needs.