Box C85B Storage Wall by FGF Mobili

If you want modern living room furniture and wall units, choose the Box C85B model by FGF Mobili: click and find out more!

Through a dynamic and operative game of joints, overlapping, open elements or closed spaces, the modern Equipped Walls furnish the living room making the most of every space. Lately the Equipped Walls have assumed a fundamental role in terms of Home Furnishing: they are multifunctional and space-saving furnishings that can always be made to measure. Contact us for information and quotes on the Box C85B Storage Wall by FGF Mobili in the photo! The model shown in the photo is made of wood but thanks to a vast choice of textures, colors and shapes it will be able to adapt to spaces of all kinds. This equipped wall is one of the company's most beautiful solutions and will allow you to design the living area according to the most particular housing needs.