Tables "Zamagna" significa "

From Vetro

From Ceramica

From Laminato Peltro

Gateway Rovere

Gateway Ceramica

Gateway Vetro



Raw Laminato

Raw Vetro

Raw Ceramica

Remedy Rovere

Remedy Vetro

Remedy Melaminico

Remedy Ceramica

Slide Rovere Massello

Slide Ceramica

Slide Melaminico

Ship Rovere Massello

Ship Melaminico

Ship Ceramica

Twist Melaminico

Twist Rovere Massello

Circle Ceramica

Circle Vetro

Circle Sahara Noir

Diamond Sahara Noir

Diamond Ceramica

Freccia Laminato

Freccia Ceramica

Freccia Rovere Cognac

Win Ceramica

Win Rovere Naturale

Diapason Ceramica

Discovery Melaminico

Discovery Ceramica



Drill Consolle Allungabile

Joker Consolle Allungabile

Level Consolle Allungabile

Tab Consolle Allungabile

X File Consolle Allungabile

Francis Fisso

Francis Allungabile

Margot Fisso

Margot Allungabile

Downtown Allungabile

Coast Melaminico

Downtown Fisso

Coast Ceramica

Igor Allungabile

Flame Melaminico

Igor Fisso

Flame Ceramica

Ettore Allungabile

Fly Vetro

Ettore Fisso

Fly Ceramica

Elia Allungabile

Zamagna tables

We will welcome you in our showroom: we will show you how simple it is to realize all the projects of your dreams, by researching your personal style and your requests. Nowadays, it is important to personalize the interior spaces with elegance and charm, with attention to different shades and quality details. Tavoli furnishing solutions are waiting for you in order to enhance with style, combining charm and functionality, the interior spaces of any size. Do you want to furnish your spaces with tables from the best brands, in order to match unique design and precious materials? The most qualified professionals are waiting for you with useful proposals to inform you about the latest innovations on the market, which also concern Zamagna tables. In order to meet your needs, we provide consultancy with a visit for space measurement and post-purchase assistance with delivery by a team of experienced assemblers.