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4x4 Allungabile Marble Glass


Random Fisso

Big Round Fisso

Eclipse Fisso

Emisfero Fisso


Double X





From Vetro

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From Laminato Peltro

Gateway Rovere

Gateway Ceramica

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Raw Laminato

Raw Vetro

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Remedy Rovere

Remedy Vetro

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Slide Rovere Massello

Slide Ceramica

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Ship Rovere Massello

Ship Melaminico

Ship Ceramica

Twist Melaminico

Twist Rovere Massello

Circle Ceramica

Circle Vetro

Circle Sahara Noir

Diamond Sahara Noir

Diamond Ceramica

Freccia Laminato

Freccia Ceramica

Diapason Ceramica


Drill Consolle Allungabile

Joker Consolle Allungabile

Level Consolle Allungabile

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X File Consolle Allungabile

Francis Fisso

Francis Allungabile

Margot Fisso

Margot Allungabile

Downtown Allungabile

Coast Melaminico

Downtown Fisso

Coast Ceramica

Igor Allungabile

Dining tables

In a living area, furniture, including tables and accessories, must adhere to a precise stylistic canon and highlight the environment according to a traditional, modern or minimalist design style. In a kitchen, whether it be classic or modern in taste, it is necessary to have furnishing compositions with particularly resistant and long-lasting tables, as they must withstand the action of steam and cleaning agents. If you are wondering which furnishing compositions with tables are more suitable for you and your home, do not miss the opportunity to visit us: the best interior design consultants can provide you with all kinds of advice in the field of furnishing, as well as assist you in purchasing ideal dining table proposals, to set up the available living spaces according to what the rooms themselves need to achieve a peaceful daily life. A respectable living area, that is, a well-furnished space, certainly contains furnishing solutions with a strong design that represent your personal style, so even table compositions must adapt to the surrounding environment.