Tables Terenghi Bridges

S07 Merlin

S45 Amedeo

S71 Gervaso

S72 Gervasone

S73 Giordano

S74 Rodolfo

S03 Tristan

S04 Asterix

S05 Arthur

S06 Lancelot

S08 Achilles

S09 Menelaus

S10 VoilÃ

S56 Caesar

S70 Ascanio

S64 Romulus

S69 Riccardo

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With the aim of meeting your needs, we provide on-site support for measurement survey and assistance after purchase, including delivery and assembly by our staff. Do you want to furnish your spaces with tables from the best brands, combining unique design and durable materials? Our top interior designers are waiting for you with interesting advice to keep you updated on the latest market trends, which also include Ponti Terenghi tables. Today, personalizing interior spaces with refinement and charm, paying attention to different shades and design details, is essential. We await you in our showroom: we will show you how easy it is to bring all your desired projects to life, respecting your personal taste and needs. Our table furnishing solutions are here to complete interior spaces of any size with taste, focusing on charm and functionality.