Modern kitchens angled

Libra Bianco Prestige, Grigio Airone e Oriental

Lumina Home Matter e Rovere Gold

Musa in vetro opaco Grigio Matera

Musa Nero Ingo

Qi in Olmo Kuuki e laccato Grigio Selce

Qi in Olmo Kuuki con maniglia a gola

Qi in Olmo Kuuki e Bianco Puro

Qi in laccato opaco Bianco

Qi in laccato opaco Grigio Ferro

Qi Grigio Gabbiano

Qi in Olmo Hono e Bianco Prestige

Foodshelf Grigio Selce e Bianco Puro

Formalia laccato opaco Grigio Titanio

Liberamente Bianco Prestige e Bianco Puro

Carattere in Frassino Arena e laccato Tortora

Dandy Plus Bianco puro e maniglia Rosso Corallo

Dandy Plus Grigio Velo e maniglia Giallo Senape

Dandy Plus Grigio Bromo

DeLinea in laccato Grigio Chiaro e Rovere Grafite

Diesel get Together Bright Metropolitan

Diesel Open Workshop in Acciaio Soft

Diesel Open Workshop Rovere Landscape

Evolution decorativo Rovere Land

Evolution in Frassino Elegance e Pietra Grey

Evolution decorative Land Oak and laminate

Artic oak decorative sax

Land oak decorative sax

Sabbia matt lacquered Colony

Urban & Urban in glossy white lacquer

Mood in Landscape Oak and Mink lacquered

Mood in Prestige White glossy lacquered

Diesel Social Kitchen in Tortora lacquered oak

Motus in Abyss Stone and Airone Gray matt lacquer

Motus in Pietra Solar and matt Verde Minerale lacquer

Flux Swing glossy lacquered Visone and matt Tortora

Flux Swing Ghiaccio matt lacquered

Foodshelf in cream, dove gray and aviation blue lacquer

Diesel get Together Industrial Showcases

Diesel Open Workshop Noce Garden

Diesel Open Workshop with modular Stock Rack system

Mia in Prestige White and Aluminum

Mia Gray Flint and Walnut Garden

Mia Rosso Jaipur and Charcoal Oak

Mia in Biomalta Clay Dehli and Blu Moon

Character in glossy lacquer

Ash Ivory Font

Freely Wheat Oak and Mustard Yellow

Modern corner kitchens

From the most traditional style, characterized by the sinuous lines of the furniture, to the modern and minimal design, our proposals cater to different tastes. We offer a wide variety of precious materials and design textures to meet everyone's needs and complete the furnishing of any space. Take a look at the furniture we present in our store, the best consultants are waiting for you. We are available to accompany you in every phase of your project, our furniture professionals will propose the most original proposals of Modern Corner Kitchens that are perfect for you, guaranteeing you the best results. Among the various offers available in our store, we present extremely compact Modern Kitchens that can be completely customized for you, based on your needs. Nowadays, domestic buildings and offices often pose significant challenges in terms of space and style.