Ludwig bedside table by Md House

A rich range of Md House furniture with drawers: modern wooden bedside tables, such as Ludwig bedside table, are among the most original solutions.

An infinite number of modern wooden bedside tables and night groups by Md House: discover the Ludwig bedside model

Ludwig bedside table by Md House: contact us and discover more about our furnishing proposals and furnish your bedroom as you have always dreamed. Enhance your spaces by choosing compositions of matching objects or create unique combinations of style and tones thanks to our furniture and accessory catalog for the sleeping area, such as the wooden model shown in the photo, also customizable to fit your needs. The sleeping area also includes bedside tables: useful storage furniture that allows you to organize objects and have surfaces for various uses. With our modern bedroom sets from the Md House brand, a specialist in Home Furnishing for the sleeping area, you can recreate the bedroom you have always wanted.