Vertex chest of drawers by Md House

Discover Md House modern bedside tables and furniture with drawers! The Vertex Weekly model built in matt lacquer is the perfect purchase.

Enhance your sleeping area: discover the modern bedside tables and chests of drawers including the Vertex weekly model in matt lacquer

Weekly Vertex by Md House: Contact us and discover more about our compositions and furnish the bedroom just as you've always imagined. Optimize your space by choosing combinations of matching elements or create elegant style and tone combinations relying on our catalog of bedroom furniture and accessories, such as the matte lacquered model visible in the photo, which can also be custom made for you. The bedroom also includes bedside tables: essential containers that offer the opportunity to arrange objects and have surfaces for various uses. With our modern bedroom sets from the Md House brand, a specialist in home furnishings for the bedroom, you can create the bedroom area you've always desired.