Bobi coat hanger by Ponti Terenghi

If you want modern accessories and plastic coat hangers, find out more about the Bobi model of the Ponti Terenghi brand.

Plastic coat hanger and modern accessories to personalize your interior: the Bobi model is waiting for you

Our professionals will assist you in purchasing the right type of coat hanger, so that it can enhance the practicality and aesthetic value of the environment. In our store, we present Ponti Terenghi furniture and accessories: the almost infinite range of beautiful company complements is waiting for you. How to match the complements with the furniture? With various proposals from Ponti Terenghi, you will have a range of colors and finishes at your disposal to express your decorative imagination. Modern complements and coat hangers add great value to the furnishing of our homes and are multifunctional as well as beautiful to look at. Ponti Terenghi's plastic Bobi coat hangers make their way into modern spaces, perfectly combining great functionality and style.