Bios mattress by Lordflex's

If you want to guarantee a complete and regenerating sleep, discover the double latex mattresses such as the Bios Lordflexs model.

Medium-strength mattress, ergonomic and removable, antistatic, with 7 zones with differentiated support

A high degree of comfort, quality materials and technological innovation make this model the indispensable ally of sleep. A fundamental element of the bed systems is certainly the mattress: it must be able to ensure the total comfort of everyone every night. The latex Bios Mattress by Lordflex's, which is a product of excellent workmanship and comfort, ensures you all the excellence in the sleeping systems sector. The latex double mattresses offered by Lordflexs guarantee an ideal welcome every night, as well as optimal support for the back. Come to the showroom to see live the technology that characterizes all the products of excellent workmanship signed by the well-known and renowned brand, excellence in the sector.

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