Lordflex's Tammy mattress

Lordflex's Tammy mattress: we are specialists in good sleep! Get information on Double Polyurethane Mattresses.

Discover the Tammy model polyurethane mattress and many other double models designed to ensure the best rest

In Lordflexs polyurethane double mattresses elegant lines and a lot of technology ensure total relaxation for everyone. Comfortable and breathable, the polyurethane model shown here ensures a pleasant welcome in all seasons: the most beautiful solutions await you. The model presented here facilitates the best rest every night: for a peaceful everyday life, it is essential to sleep on a mattress of great value. Lordflex's Tammy Mattress is breathable and comfortable and is capable of exerting a beneficial effect on the body, ensuring the right support for the spine. Sleeping on a good model of mattress facilitates the relaxation of the muscles and a deep and restorative rest, which is synonymous with a serene and active daily life.