K125 ICON suspended bookcase v3 by Ponti Terenghi

Precious textures and strong lines: discover the K125 ICON suspended bookcase v3 by Ponti Terenghi among the most beautiful modern suspended bookcases.

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Giving value to your stay is possible: contact us for further information on the library model in the picture and optimize your interiors with the excellence guaranteed by the renowned brand. The K125 ICON suspended v3 library by Ponti Terenghi, available here, is the perfect product for a practical and functional space that also looks beautiful. Organizing the living room is not difficult: choose the best type of library to furnish the environment and enhance the style of the space. Furniture for the living room, such as suspended libraries, allows you to keep the space tidy by containing books, newspapers, and assorted objects. If you desire a solid, functional, beautiful, and refined metal library, taking a look at our modern solutions will help you find the model that suits you.