Mixer CM60 wall bookcase by FGF Mobili

Click and discover the modern wall bookcases! The FGF Mobili Mixer CM60 model will be able to complete a dynamic and operational living room.

Thanks to the Mixer CM60 wall bookcase by FGF Mobili you can change the style of your home, making the most of every space with excellent aesthetics. Discover our collection of wall bookcases in the shop from the best brands of home furnishings. With the matt lacquered bookcase available here you can recreate a unique setting, characterized by the decisive shapes of this model. In the showroom you will find different models of modern wall bookcases for the living room, such as the matt lacquered model in the photo. The Mixer CM60 wall bookcase by FGF Mobili is ideal for giving personality to your spaces: the different solutions of the brand will allow you to better organize a practical and operational living room.