Madison sofa bed by Felis

With living rooms and sofas with Felis beds such as the Madison fabric model, you can complete your furnishing concept.

Madison Sofa Bed by Felis: awaits you in our store together with the most exclusive upholstered bed proposals

Felis invites you to relax, sip a tea or spend evenings with friends in your refined and elegant designer lounge. Madison sofa bed by Felis in fabric: it is the optimal solution if you want one of the models with a bed to perfectly complete your living room with modern references. If you are a fan of compositions with furniture with modern references, we present in our showroom a wide range of fabric sofas that are right for you. In our showroom you will be able to touch the most exclusive compositions with hand-made sofas with modern references of great value and great aesthetic value in durable materials. To enhance the living room of your home with functionality and style, here is one of the most original models of sofas with Felis fabric bed. The Salotti di Felis catalog offers multiple solutions to embellish the environment in the name of practicality and aesthetic value, putting your comfort at the center.