Tables in ceramic

Random Fisso

Big Round Fisso

Eclipse Fisso

Emisfero Fisso

From Ceramica

Gateway Ceramica

Raw Ceramica

Remedy Ceramica

Slide Ceramica

Ship Ceramica

Circle Ceramica

Diamond Ceramica

Freccia Ceramica

Win Ceramica

Diapason Ceramica


Francis Fisso

Francis Allungabile

Margot Allungabile

Downtown Allungabile

Downtown Fisso

Coast Ceramica

Igor Allungabile

Igor Fisso

Flame Ceramica

Ettore Allungabile

Ettore Fisso

Fly Ceramica

Elia Allungabile

Elia Fisso


Cirkle Fixed

Lycos Fixed

Fixed Sailing Ship

Apple Black Oxide

Savoy Stone Apple

Wing white


Ceramic tables

If you come to visit us, expert consultants will help you choose combinations and design the premises with extreme skill and availability. We will be able to provide you with support to perfectly decorate the interiors and consider the furniture materials, guaranteeing you consultation for measuring and assembly verification. If you want tables that are suitable for the size and type of premises, our showroom is the perfect place for you. The choice of home furniture is of central importance, especially if you need to renovate, as feeling comfortable will determine the well-being of your everyday life. In our store, you will find the best ceramic tables on the market: we are the ideal place to discover trends and advice. Our furnishing professionals will be able to assist you in choosing the perfect furniture for style and functionality needs, with a wide range of quality materials, from solid wood to metal.