Bookcases Terenghi bridges

DL 300 CLARK with glossy lacquered wall units

K125 ICON suspended v1

K125 ICON suspended v2

K125 ICON suspended v3

K125 ICON suspended v4

K125 ICON suspended v5

K125 ICON suspended v6



Ponti Terenghi Libraries

Our years of expertise and extreme passion will guarantee that you find what you are looking for among the most beautiful Library compositions, of excellent craftsmanship and perfect for interiors of various sizes. Don't miss the opportunity to furnish indoor spaces with the guarantee that only Ponti Terenghi can give you, and not even the guarantee of having any type of suggestion in the field from us. Ponti Terenghi tirelessly works with the aim of ensuring customer satisfaction, through compositions built with quality materials and respect for trends in the field of furniture. In-store, you can find ideal Library models to design the project of your dreams, which reflect your personal taste by combining ergonomics and safety. In-store, you will have the most knowledgeable designers at your disposal, who will be happy to advise you in every phase of your project, also guaranteeing a visit for measurement verification and installation.