Tables in laminate


T1343A From 180

T1358A Sand 180

T1361A Remedy 160

T1372A Hornet 200

T1373A Raw 160

T1221A Fly 200

T1223A Slide 200

T1307A Flame 180

T1315A Gateway 160

T1326A Ship 200

T1334A Coast 180

T1341A From 140

Eko Round





Spider Maxi

Laminate tables

We are the perfect place to meet the best interior designers, receive advice on the evolution of design and define which materials meet your needs. The furnishing compositions personalize the indoor spaces, for this reason it is necessary to carefully select the furnishings. In order to ensure complete customer satisfaction, we provide support advice in furnishing, with space measurement and with delivery and installation. Communicating your needs with furnishings will no longer be an obstacle thanks to the laminate furnishing compositions available in the showroom, ideal to meet individual needs. We present an infinity of products in different textures that are beautiful to look at, among which you will also find many laminate tables. If you want furnishing solutions with tables in different textures of excellent quality, do not miss the opportunity to visit us.