Wardrobes modern

Armadio a ponte 06C

Armadio a ponte 04A

Armadio a ponte 06A

Cabina Armadio a spalla 11A

Cabina Armadio a spalla 13B

Cabina Armadio a cremagliera 08E

Cabina Armadio a cremagliera 11C

Novel 01 walk-in closet

Novel 02 walk-in closet


Understairs cabinet 02A

Cabinet 11B

Cabinet 05B

Cabinet 05C

Cabinet 08C

Cabinet 08E

Cabinet 11C

Cabinet 12B

Cabinet 16C

Cabinet 14B

Bridge wardrobe 08D

9C bridge wardrobe

Cabinet 10B

Cabinet 11A

Cabinet 09A

Walk-in closet 09B

Cabinet 08A

Walk-in closet 16B

Cabinet 08B

Uniko walk-in closet

Kabina Boxes walk-in closet


Smooth Sliding

Smooth Knocker



Cabinet 10A

Kabina Boiserie


TV Out

Modern wardrobes

We offer consultancy in interior design, with a visit for space measurement, and post-purchase assistance, to ensure the best consultancy. Our offer of furnishings from the best brands guarantees the customization of places with great personality, with attention to technological content. You will be assisted by our furniture store managers in the purchase of modern wardrobes, as they are able to choose the items thanks to their experience and dedication in the field. You will have the opportunity to furnish the interiors as you desire and determine how to place the selected wardrobe variations, combining aesthetics and quality. Thanks to suitable offers for various needs, you will be able to find the ideal furniture for you and the atmospheres you want to recreate. If you come to meet us, you will find the ideal models of modern wardrobes to furnish your interiors with creativity.