Wardrobes swing doors

Armadio a ponte 06C

Armadio a ponte 04A

Armadio a ponte 06A

Cabina Armadio a spalla 11A

Cabina Armadio a spalla 13B


Understairs cabinet 02A

Cabinet 11B

Cabinet 05B

Cabinet 05C

Bridge wardrobe 08D

9C bridge wardrobe

Cabinet 10B

Cabinet 11A

Cabinet 09A

Cabinet 08A

Cabinet 08B


Smooth Knocker

Swing Gorge


Cabinet 10A


Hinged door wardrobes

Completing the furnishing of every interior, from the more traditional one, characterized by the soft shapes of the furniture, to the modern and minimalistic one, will be easy. We offer you a wide range of high-quality materials and trending textures, capable of meeting individual needs. Take a look at the furniture we distribute in our showroom, the best professionals are available to guide you in every phase of your project. In order to guarantee excellent results through the purchase of wardrobes with hinged doors, we offer you the most exclusive furnishing compositions on the market. Among the different solutions available in our showroom, we propose space-saving wardrobes completely customizable according to your needs. Nowadays, various types of structures sometimes give rise to significant difficulties in terms of space and style, especially when located in city centers.