Bathroom furniture modern

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Laundry Space Aquo Decorativo Azimut

Laundry Space Idro Laccato Lucido Panna Porcellana

Laundry Space Aquo Decorativo Grigio Selce

Laundry Space Aquo Decorativo Bianco

Lido Decorativo Oriental

Lido Verde Comodoro

Lido Laminato Strips Urban

Lido in Vetro Pas Dosé

Magnifica Laccato Opaco Grigio Airone

Aquo Laccato Opaco Cipria

Aquo Laccato Opaco Grigio Matera

Aquo Rosso Jaipur

Aquo Pietra Venus

Aquo Laccato Opaco Bianco Prestige

Aquo Laccato Opaco Visone

Aquo Laccato Lucido Bianco

Aquo Laccato Opaco Grigio Titanio

Miko laccato Opaco Tortora

Miko laccato Opaco Blu Moon

Miko Laminato Strips Urban Bronze

Miko Laminato Pietra Grey

Miko Decorativo Rovere Gold

Miko Decorativo Lodge

Qi Decorativo Olmo Kuuki a Terra

Qi Decorativo Grigio Matera

Qi Decorativo Olmo Kuuki Sospeso

Dandy Plus Decorativo Noce

Modern bathroom furniture

Our decorators will be happy to assist you in selecting glamorous and functional furnishings, perfectly mixing practical and aesthetic features. In the showroom, you can find multifunctional and high-value compositions with modern bathroom furnishings. We will provide guidance in choosing the layout and materials for your furnishings, tailoring them to your tastes and conducting a site visit to take measurements. If you visit us, our skilled decorators will help you choose the most beautiful combinations and configure the interior spaces you have with great expertise. Indoor spaces, which require functionality and ergonomics, reflect the style of those who use them, so the purchase of furnishings is essential. To ensure perfect modern bathroom solutions for the dimensions and look of your interiors, rely on us.