Bathroom furniture in melamine

Deep 03

Lapis 07

Laundry Space Aquo Decorativo Azimut

Laundry Space Aquo Decorativo Grigio Selce

Laundry Space Aquo Decorativo Bianco

Lido Decorativo Oriental

Aquo Pietra Venus

Miko Decorativo Rovere Gold

Miko Decorativo Lodge

Qi Decorativo Olmo Kuuki a Terra

Qi Decorativo Grigio Matera

Qi Decorativo Olmo Kuuki Sospeso

Dandy Plus Decorativo Noce

Qi Decorativo Olmo Hono 01

Qi Decorativo Olmo Kuuki 01

Diesel Decorativo Soft Beige

Qi Decorativo Olmo Hono 02

Qi Decorativo Olmo Kuuki 02

Qi Decorativo Olmo Kuuki 03

Diesel Decorativo Grigio Soft Dun

Qi Decorativo Olmo Hono 03

Qi Decorativo Grigio Selce

Qi Decorativo Olmo Kuuki 04

Gym Space Decorativo Oxide Steel

Rivo Decorativo Noce Bancha

Rivo Decorativo Pietra Solar

Gym Space Decorativo Grigio Gabbiano

Tratto Decorativo Concrete Jersey

Juno Decorativo Vertigo

Tratto Decorativo Grigio Selce

Laundry Space Aquo Decorativo Grigio Gabbiano

Laundry Space Rivo Decorativo Grigio Selce

Idrobox 04

Idrobox 10

Laundry Water and Soap 01

Laundry Water and Soap 02

Laundry Water and Soap 04

Laundry Water and Soap 06

Lapis 01

Bathroom furniture in melamine

In order to fully satisfy customers, we offer the opportunity to benefit from support in furnishing and after-sales assistance. If you want to furnish indoor spaces with charm and style, without forgetting about technology, we are the perfect place for you. With us, it will be easy to renovate or furnish the interiors of your home for the first time, following your style and needs. We await you with many ideas, new products, and compositions from the best manufacturers, among which you will find various offers in melamine. We select the most original compositions on the market, complemented by details that arise from our many years of experience and dedication in the field. Come in: our interior designers will accompany you in discovering our furniture, among which you can also find refined melamine bathroom furnishings. The aesthetic value of the interiors must mirror, down to the smallest detail, the tastes of those who frequent them, which is why the choice of ideal furniture for you is very important.