Bathroom furniture for laundry

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Laundry Space Idro Laccato Lucido Panna Porcellana

Laundry Space Aquo Decorativo Bianco

Gym Space Decorativo Grigio Gabbiano

Laundry Space Aquo Decorativo Grigio Gabbiano

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Laundry Water and Soap 01

Laundry Water and Soap 02

Laundry Water and Soap 04

Laundry Water and Soap 06


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bathroom furniture for laundry

We will welcome you to our store with compositions made with quality materials, designed to meet your needs, and many interesting ideas to guide you in every phase of your project. Complete the interiors you have with us, our extreme dedication and the assistance of our designers will guarantee your total satisfaction at the end of the project. Every type of Bathroom Furniture proposal requires different elements to be properly completed, among which there are certainly various proposals for laundry bathroom furniture, ideal for giving personality to the compositions. For example, if you want to create Bathroom Furniture compositions with a modern appeal, opt for compositions with essential lines of laundry bathroom furniture. On the contrary, if you want to recreate a classic atmosphere with a characteristic welcoming effect, you can consider compositions with laundry bathroom furniture made with quality materials in warm or neutral shades and with soft shapes.