Modern kitchens Cannes

Lumina Tortora e Strips Urban Gold

Lumina Pas Dosé e Rosso Jaipur

Lumina Home Matter e Rovere Gold

Mira Eucalipto e laccato lucido Perlage

Mira Strips Urban Steel

Mira Tortora e Ruggine

Motus in Rovere Landscape e laccato opaco Visone

Musa in vetro opaco Grigio Matera

Qi in Olmo Hono con armadi Switch

Qi in Olmo Kuuki e laccato Grigio Selce

Qi in Olmo Kuuki e Bianco Puro

Qi in laccato opaco Grigio Ferro

Qi in Olmo Hono e Bianco Prestige

Foodshelf Bianco Puro Grigio Gabbiano e Grigio Terra

Foodshelf Bianco Puro e Grigio Gabbiano

Foodshelf Grigio Selce e Bianco Puro

Foodshelf Grigio Terra

Formalia laccato opaco Grigio Titanio

Liberamente Bianco Prestige e Bianco Puro

Boxi Verde

Boxi Rosso Jaipur

Boxi in laccato Bianco

Carattere Dark Pulpis

Carattere Frassino Cotone

Dandy Plus Bianco puro e maniglia Rosso Corallo

DeLinea in laccato Grigio Chiaro e Rovere Grafite

Diesel Open Workshop in Acciaio Soft

Evolution decorativo Rovere Land

Evolution in Concrete Medium e Bianco opaco

Evolution in Frassino Elegance e Pietra Grey

DeLinea in Biomalta Clay Lima and Oak Dune

Diesel get Together Contemporary Style

Boxi in matt Iron Gray and Garden Walnut

Glossy Light Gray lacquered boxi

Boxing Blue Moon

Sax Mink and Walnut Fashion

Evolution Nordic Oak and Gentian Yellow

White gloss lacquered sax

Libra in matt Perlage glass

Urban & Urban in glossy white lacquer

Character in Capri Ash

Mood in Landscape Oak and Mink lacquered

Mood in Prestige White glossy lacquered

Mood in Moon Blue lacquered

Mood in Steady Walnut and Tortora lacquered

Mood Lacquered Dove Gray and Tussah Walnut

Mood in Saxony Walnut and Stained Alluminium lacquer

Motus in Airone Gray and Vulcano Gray lacquered

Diesel Social Kitchen in Tortora lacquered oak

Motus in Abyss Stone and Airone Gray matt lacquer

Diesel Social Kitchen in Tempera Gray lacquered oak

Motus in Pietra Solar and matt Verde Minerale lacquer

Diesel Social Kitchen in Ruxe Wood

Diesel Social Kitchen in Ruxe Gray with peninsula

Flux Swing glossy lacquered Ivory

Prestige White lacquered foodshelf

Foodshelf in cream, dove gray and aviation blue lacquer

Prestige White glossy lacquered foodshelf

Qi in Elm Hono

Qi in Iron Gray and Elm Hono lacquered

Modern Kitchens Cannes

To make your spaces unique, custom projects aimed at satisfying your desires can be the solution, and we also support you in this regard by guaranteeing the availability of our interior decorators. If you need to renovate your furniture, call us for a customized design project. Don't wait, we will assist you in carefully and expertly designing your home. Don't hesitate in choosing new models of Modern Kitchens for your home, rely on our staff for a punctual design service. We are the most recognized furniture showroom near Cannes for our services and products. Just a few minutes drive from Cannes, an almost infinite range of Modern Kitchens is waiting for you in our showroom, the best place in the area for a good project and post-purchase service. We will guide you in choosing furniture and accessories that best suit your housing needs, guaranteeing you quality products and personalized services. If you are looking for a well-known store, you will find us in the province of Imperia: with our help, you can find the most original solutions on the market and furnish the home you've always dreamed of.

Are you looking for a furniture store near Cannes?

Discover our selection of furniture and accessories

If you desire new models of Modern Kitchens and don't know who to turn to, we distribute the most highly regarded brands in the industry and offer you customized design consultancy. To furnish a space with the furniture and accessories you have always dreamed of, you will need a good project that meets your expectations and style. Therefore, we have designed personalized services:

  • customized quotes and projects to furnish your spaces
  • measurement surveys and installation
  • free post-purchase assistance

We are capable of professionally managing the design of your home, thanks to the availability of a wide range of furniture from the best brands in the field, of which we are official dealers.