Modern kitchens in melamine

Lumina Home Matter e Rovere Gold

Mira Lodge e Verde Comodoro

Motus in Rovere Landscape e laccato opaco Visone

Qi in Olmo Hono con armadi Switch

Qi in Olmo Kuuki e laccato Grigio Selce

Qi in Olmo Kuuki con maniglia a gola

Qi in Olmo Kuuki e Bianco Puro

Qi Grigio Gabbiano

Qi in Olmo Hono e Bianco Prestige

Sax Rovere Town

Urban & Urban Eucalipto Taj e Sabbia Easy

Foodshelf Bianco Puro Grigio Gabbiano e Grigio Terra

Foodshelf Bianco Puro e Grigio Gabbiano

Foodshelf Grigio Selce e Bianco Puro

Foodshelf Grigio Terra

Boxi Grigio Selce

Dandy Plus Bianco puro e maniglia Rosso Corallo

Dandy Plus Grigio Velo e maniglia Giallo Senape

Diesel get Together Bright Metropolitan

Diesel Open Workshop Rovere Landscape

Evolution decorativo Rovere Land

Evolution in Frassino Elegance e Pietra Grey

DeLinea in Biomalta Clay Lima and Oak Dune

Diesel get Together Contemporary Style

Diesel Open Workshop Concrete Jersey

Evolution decorative Artic Oak

Evolution Graphite and Glass Screen

Evolution decorative Land Oak and laminate

Artic oak decorative sax

Land oak decorative sax

Decorative Sax in Land Oak and Iron Gray matt lacquer

Concrete Dark decorative sax and Nebbia decorative sax

Mood in Landscape Oak and Mink lacquered

Mood in Steady Walnut and Tortora lacquered

Mood in Biomalta Clay Lima

Mood in Oak Season with Azimut Island

Mood in Saxony Walnut and Stained Brass lacquer

Motus in Abyss Stone and Airone Gray matt lacquer

Motus in Pietra Solar and matt Verde Minerale lacquer

Motus in Prestige White matt lacquer

Qi in Elm Hono

Qi in elm Kuuki

Qi in Kuuki Elm and Fluid wall in Pure White

Formalia in Arabica Walnut and Rust lacquered

Mood in Concrete Brooklyn and Actual Oak

DeLinea in Concrete Jersey and matt Blue Moon

Diesel get Together Industrial Showcases

Diesel Open Workshop Pinstripe Oak

Diesel Open Workshop Noce Garden

Diesel Open Workshop Concrete Harlem

Freely Flint Gray and Oxide Bronze

Mia in Pinstripe Oak and Biomalta Argilla Lima

Mia Gray Flint and Walnut Garden

Mia in Biomalta Clay Dehli and Blu Moon

Dandy Plus Pinstripe Oak and Blue Agave handle

Modern kitchens in melamine

We are the ideal place to meet the best professionals, receive suggestions regarding the evolution of design, and decide which materials meet your needs. We present a wide range of furniture in different high aesthetic finishes, including multiple modern kitchens in melamine. In order to guarantee complete customer satisfaction, we provide support consultation in design, with space measurements and home furniture assembly. The compositions personalize the interiors, therefore it is necessary to carefully select the furniture. If you are looking for furnishing solutions with modern kitchens in different high-quality finishes, do not miss the opportunity to visit us. Expressing your taste with the furniture will no longer be an obstacle thanks to the melamine compositions available from us, suitable for finding answers to personal needs.