Modern kitchens Ventimiglia

Libra Bianco Prestige, Grigio Airone e Oriental

Lumina Pas Dosé e Rosso Jaipur

Lumina Home Matter e Rovere Gold

Mira Strips Urban Steel

Motus in Rovere Landscape e laccato opaco Visone

Musa Rovere Pecan

Musa in vetro opaco Grigio Matera

Musa Nero Ingo

Qi in laccato opaco Grigio Ferro

Urban & Urban Eucalipto Taj e Sabbia Easy

Foodshelf Grigio Selce e Bianco Puro

Formalia laccato opaco Grigio Titanio

Libra Perlato Cuvee

Libra Perlage e Rovere Pepper

Libra Urban Bronze e Oriental Light

Boxi in laccato Grigio Titanio

Boxi Grigio Selce

Boxi Rosso Jaipur

Boxi in laccato Bianco

Carattere in Frassino Arena e laccato Tortora

Dandy Plus Bianco puro e maniglia Rosso Corallo

DeLinea in laccato Grigio Chiaro e Rovere Grafite

Diesel get Together Bright Metropolitan

Diesel Open Workshop in Acciaio Soft

DeLinea in Prestige White lacquer

DeLinea in Biomalta Clay Lima and Oak Dune

Boxi in matt Iron Gray and Garden Walnut

Glossy Light Gray lacquered boxi

Evolution Nordic Oak and Gentian Yellow

Evolution decorative Land Oak and laminate

White gloss lacquered sax

Urban & Urban in glossy white lacquer

Character in Capri Ash

Mood in Prestige White glossy lacquered

Mood in Moon Blue lacquered

Mood in Oak Season with Azimut Island

Mood Lacquered Dove Gray and Tussah Walnut

Mood in Saxony Walnut and Stained Alluminium lacquer

Mood in Saxony Walnut and Stained Brass lacquer

Motus in Airone Gray and Vulcano Gray lacquered

Diesel Social Kitchen in Tortora lacquered oak

Motus in Abyss Stone and Airone Gray matt lacquer

Diesel Social Kitchen in Tempera Gray lacquered oak

Motus in Pietra Solar and matt Verde Minerale lacquer

Diesel Social Kitchen in Ruxe Wood

Diesel Social Kitchen in Indigo tempera lacquered oak

Flux Swing glossy lacquered Visone and matt Tortora

Motus in Prestige White matt lacquer

Flux Swing glossy lacquered Ivory

Prestige White lacquered foodshelf

Foodshelf shines Ice and Blue Lagoon

Qi in Iron Gray and Elm Hono lacquered

Qi in Titanium Gray and Light Gray lacquered with Elm Hono

Qi in elm Kuuki

Qi in Kuuki Elm and Fluid wall in Pure White

Tetrix with doors in Cream, Porcelain and Tortora glass

Formalia in Light Gray and Rust

Formalia in Gray Heron and Pietra Solar

Formalia in Arabica Walnut and Rust lacquered

Formalia in PET Talc and Night

Modern Kitchens Ventimiglia

If you want to modernize the furnishings of your home, our store of Modern Kitchens near Ventimiglia awaits you, with interesting solutions and lots of new designs and planning, to offer a new style to your spaces. If the time has come to renew the furniture pieces of your home and you are looking for trustworthy professionals to do it, come to our showroom to discover what we offer. Our furniture store in the province of Imperia guarantees to furnish your home with elegance and great practicality. In our store, you will find the most beautiful proposals of Modern Kitchens near your home: we are experts in custom-made furniture. Contact us immediately for information and quotes or come and visit us in our store:

Discover a wide selection of Modern Kitchens in our store near Ventimiglia

Discover all the proposals of Modern Kitchens near Ventimiglia

If you desire an interior design professional, come to us, we are the furniture store of the best brands that guarantees you with expertise:

  • assistance before and after the purchase
  • ability to perfectly match the furniture pieces and even existing finishes
  • the possibility to touch durable materials ideal for your home
  • a custom-made project that fulfills all your desires

Giving a new look to your home is not easy: we dedicate all our profession to planning, which is why we choose elements from the best brands and offer tailor-made services for every customer's architectural consultancy. At our furniture store, you will find the most valid solutions for furniture and lots of design and trend advice; we are experts in home furnishings, planning, and restyling. In a custom-made furniture project, it is essential to evaluate lines, dimensions, and furniture space requirements: if you are having difficulties, ask about our furniture store, we will assist you in easily designing your home. If you want to change the appearance of your house, rely on us, we are a reference furniture store in the area for furnishings and interior design projects.