Bathroom furniture on the floor

Facto 03

Major 02

Major 07

Sail 05

Traccia 05

Deep 02

Deep 09

Gola Up 08

Lapis 08

Laundry Space Aquo Decorativo Azimut

Laundry Space Aquo Decorativo Grigio Selce

Magnifica Glamour Laccato Lucido

Magnifica Laccato Lucido Nero Ardesia

Magnifica Laccato Opaco Verde Ottanio

Magnifica Consolle Symphonie

Magnifica Laccato Lucido Visone

Magnifica Laccato Lucido Grigio Ferro e Oro

Magnifica Laccato Lucido Grigio Titanio

Magnifica Laccato Lucido Grigio Tundra

Baltimora Frassino Bianco Assoluto

Magnifica Laccato Lucido Bianco Prestige

Baltimora Laccato Opaco Grigio Chiaro

Baltimora Laccato Opaco Bianco e Oro

Baltimora Laccato Opaco Bianco

Baltimora Laccato Opaco Grigio Airone

Baltimora Frassino Havana

Baltimora Laccato Opaco Beige

Mistfits Bathroom Chest

Mistfits Bathroom Absolute Dark

Baltimora Laccato Opaco Nero e Argento

Mistfits Bathroom Cart

Qi Decorativo Olmo Kuuki a Terra

Baltimora Laccato Opaco Grigio Vulcano

Baltimora Laccato Opaco Rosso

Baltimora Frassino Tabacco

Diesel Decorativo Soft Beige

Diesel Laccato Opaco Nero Ardesia

Diesel Decorativo Grigio Soft Dun

Formalia in PET Pioggia

Tratto Laccato Opaco Visone

Tratto Laccato Opaco Grigio Chiaro e Rovere

Laundry Space Rivo Decorativo Grigio Selce

Soul Wood 115

Soul Wood 121

Formalia Titanium Matt Lacquered

Lagoon Blue Gloss Hydro Lacquered

Cuvée Glossy Lacquered Lido

Mistfits Bathroom Metal and Glass

Mineral Green Matt Lacquered Diesel

Formalia Matt White Lacquered

3Point0 103

3Point0 111

3Point0 113

3Point0 114

3Point0 119

Thai 310

Soul Wood 108

Soul Wood 112

Thai 320

Soul Wood 114

bathroom furniture on the floor

The most prepared interior design consultants, constantly available in the store, will be able to guide you through the vast selection of compositions, so that you can choose the perfect ones for you in every detail. Our great dedication and complete availability in offering you quality furnishing proposals, ideal for indoor spaces of various sizes, will guarantee you valuable suggestions regarding Bathroom Furnishing and floor-standing bathroom furniture. The excellence of the finishes and the design of the furniture guarantee the charm of the environments, however, many times simple Bathroom Furnishing compositions are not enough to find solutions for all types of needs. In order to perfectly enrich the indoor spaces you want to furnish, with attention to functionality and ergonomics, purchase high-quality compositions with floor-standing bathroom furniture from us. The models we sell are made with first-choice and durable materials, ideal for being placed in interiors of any stylistic reference, from the most classic to the most modern.